Raksha-Bandhan: The Festival of Love

The festival of “Raksha-Bandhan” or “Rakhi” is just round the corner. It is such a special occasion where brothers-sisters celebrate the emotional bonding of their relationship. As the name suggests, on Raksha-Bandhan, sisters tie the rakhis made of silk threads on the wrist of their brothers and treat them with sweets. In return, brothers take pledge of protecting their sisters always from any trouble. This ritual strengthens the bond of love or you can say a bond of protection, between sister and brother. However, nowadays, due to increased distances, it is difficult for brothers and sisters to be together on the festival and therefore, they  send rakhi gifts to USA, send rakhi gifts to UK, send rakhi gifts to Canada, or send rakhi sweets to India depending upon who is where  at the time of this occasion.


Like any other Indian festivals, Rakhi is also grand in celebration and incomplete without sweets and gifts. It is the festival of exchanging gifts and sweets between siblings. Traditionally, when a married sister comes to their parents place on this festival, the tradition is to bestow her with gifts when she is returning back. Sometimes, sisters too present gift to their brothers, generally, to the younger brothers. Exchanging gifts have become a trend of this festival in the modern era.

With the ever increasing distances, gifts have become a means of expression towards our beloved brothers and sisters. In today’s hectic working life, it has become quite difficult to travel to your siblings place to celebrate Rakhi. As they say “If there is a will, there is a way.” Distance doesn’t matter when the world is running online. Anyone can send or receive anything on-line. If your brother or sister lives in a far off country, such as USA, UK, Canada or anywhere else, do not worry!!! You can still send Rakhi gifts to USA, send rakhi gifts to Canada, and Send Rakhi Gifts to UK to your beloved sister or brother.

If you have siblings in other countries like UK or Canada, here you can easily send Rakhi gifts to UK or send rakhi gifts to Canada as token of your love. You can send Rakhi gifts to India, in case you are staying in a far off country. Our priority is to deliver your love and concern for the relation, which should not be halted due to distance. We ensure delivery-on-time wrapped in your love and care. Although, no festival is complete without sweets,Forand Rakhi is no exception. So if you wish to deliver your brothers or sisters’ favorite sweets, you can easily send Rakhi sweets to India and Rakhi sweets to USA also. You just need to click on the required links and follow the steps for selecting gifts and sweets and the payment procedure. Your token of love will be at the entrance of your loves ones.

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How to Send Online Rakhi Gifts to India

Divine festival of Rakhi is about to approach the date and sisters have already started to plan what they will send as Rakhi gifts to USA to their brothers. And, sister who live in USA have been planning to send Rakhi Gift to India. While sisters are doing planning, they need to accept the fact that just planning is not enough to make their brothers feel homely and near to them when their brothers are actually miles away from them.

Rakhi is an occasion of endless love between brothers and sisters. This is the festival that gives brothers and sisters a way to show their emotions and express their gratitude. The day brings exchanges of gifts between brothers and sisters as well along with sweet words, lots of hugs, and beautiful smiles. While everything seems so amazing on this occasion, nothing can replace the physical presence of brothers and sisters when celebrating the festival. However, nowadays, life has become so full of roles and responsibilities making us to live miles away from our loved ones that we cannot even celebrate all festivals with them.

While many brothers and sisters are helpless due to several reasons, festive-xpressions.com brings a new hope for such brothers and sisters living miles apart. We have been making it easier for sisters living in India to send Rakhi gifts to USA and also for the sisters living in the USA to send online rakhi gifts to India direct from their own comfort zone like home, office, college, etc. We understand that in this life we have to play so many roles and carry out so many responsibilities living no time for ourselves; hence, we have made is easier and approachable for sisters and brothers to celebrate rakhi festival without feeling down due to no gifts.

At festive-xpressions.com, we bring million dollar smiles on faces of brothers and sisters by giving them a way to buy and send Rakhi gift to India and send Rakhi gift to USA. Only a few steps and we will deliver the Rakhi gifts to India or the USA.

Step 1: Logon to festive-xpressions.com.

Step 2: Find Rakhi gifts that you would like to send to India or the USA. We have a big collection of rakhi gifts.

Step 3: Add them into the cart.

Step 4: Specify the address on which you want us to deliver the selected gifts.

Step 5: Make payment.

Just these five steps and you are done. We will send Rakhi gift to India or send rakhi gift to USA as per the address you provided. This is how you can send online rakhi gift to India or send rakhi gifts to USA.

For more information about Online Rakhi gift to India kindly visit: –http://www.festive-xpressions.com/rakhi/send-rakhi-worldwide

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How to send real birthday gifts to USA

Nothing can make the birthday person feel extra special, happy, and blessed than a real birthday gift like birthday cakes, flowers, gift baskets, etc. When someone is near to you, it is really too easy to buy such gift items to make him or her happy, but when your loved one is miles away like in the USA, then sending him or her a real gift looks like a big trouble due to several reasons. If you are looking for someone or some sort of services that can help you to send birthday gifts to USA, then you will feel that God has heard your voice and has brought you here.


How to Send Delicious, Beautiful, and Real Birthday Gifts to USA without any Chaos


Say thanks to God and also to festive-xpressions.com that lets you send real birthday gifts to USA from India and many other regions. With festive-xpressions.com, you can send gifts to your loved one in the USA or if you are in the USA, you can send birthday cakes to India. Distances are now almost squeezed giving you the pleasure of making birthday boy or girl happy.

You can choose from a variety of gifts including flowers, cakes, flower bouquet, and elegant gift baskets. Whether you select one gift or more, it will be delivered before the birthday of the receiver. There is no meaning of sending a birthday gift after the day is passed, and festive-xpressions.com understands this very well. Feelings of seeing the courier boy at door step on the special occasion of birthday can amaze the birthday person making him/her guess who could sent him/her this parcel right on the birthday.

Festive-xpressions.com helps spreading emotions and love with quick delivery while ensuring the best quality birthday gifts. What all you need to do is,

  1. Visit festive-xpressions.com.
  2. Select the birthday gift you want. You have several options like flowers, flower bouquet, delicious chocolates, beautiful and tasty cakes in a variety of flavours, and gift baskets that comprises of cakes, chocolates, Cashews, almonds, etc. Pick the one you would like as per your taste.
  3. Add the selected items into the cart.
  4. Proceed ahead to add address of the recipient and make payment.
  5. Once payment is done, the countdown will start.

So, a few steps and you can send birthday gifts to USA without any hassle of going beyond your limits. No need to send digital gifts like online birthday cards, anymore. Select real gift items and make birthday person feel extra special.

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Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couple

Heart-shaped box with heart-shaped chocolates wedding-anniversary-gifts1


Wedding anniversary is a special occasion for a couple, which should be celebrated with passion and love. However, nowadays, due to many reasons it has become difficult for couples to celebrate the day. One such reason is employment and another is higher studies. Often employees need to visit clients’ site for training, project discussion, and other purposes. On the otherhand, many go to various Countries like the USA for higher studies. Such instances increase the distance between husband and wife and make them go miles away on the special day when they  need to be closer and together.

If you are one of those couples then need not to worry because you can still wish your better half with lots of love and a surprise gift. Yes, you can do it. What if you are not close to him or her, you can send wedding anniversary gifts to India if you are out of India, or you can send wedding anniversary gifts to USA if you are miles away.

We at festive-xpressions.com help you to air your love on the special day with our big selection of anniversary gifts to India and the USA. Whether it is your first anniversary or 25th, you can always celebrate it with the same passion that you used to do when you both were together. Whereas we provide you the facility to send wedding anniversary gifts to India or USA, here we have some tips for you to make this occasion memorable by selecting the best gift for him or her:

Go in Flashback and Remember

When you are miles away then selection of a gift becomes even more essential. You cannot just send a wedding anniversary card alone. You need to go in flashback and make a list of things he or she loves like flowers, cakes, chocolates, wine, etc. If he or she loves flower then which flower makes him/her happy, what is the flavor of cake, what is the type of chocolates, and which wine he /she will love the most, etc. Based on this, you can order a gift hamper having all these things or a few of them.

Arrange Midnight Delivery

Even if you are away from your Spouse, you can wish (him/her and make your Anniversary special) by arranging a midnight delivery, which we deliver as soon as the day starts, i.e.12:00AM (This surprise will make your day a very memorable one and) Love will go to its charm.

For more information about Exclusive Wedding Gift to India kindly visit: – http://www.festive-xpressions.com

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Send Birthday gifts to India and Make a Presence

Birthday is an occasion of excitement for the one whose birthday is being celebrated and also for those, who are invited to the birthday party. On both sides, there is an excitement, which cannot be expressed in a few words. Whose birthday is being celebrated has excitement to meet all nears and dears together while expecting lots of fun. And, for nears and dears, it is the moment of giving tons of blessings to the birthday person with add one’s in form of birthday gifts.

While the physical presence has its own charm, it might not be possible for all to attend the birthday party due to several reasons like job, relocation, etc. Absence of a loved one in the party may make the birthday person to feel down, but there is a solution, which might help fill this gap. That solution is festive-xpressions.com.

Festive-xpressions.com bridges the gap while giving strength to relations by helping people to send birthday gifts to India. People can also send birthday gifts to USA. Whether you send a gift to India or the USA, shipping is free. There are so many choices from which you can select one or more, such as cakes, flowers, and combos. Let us have a look at some nice gift hampers that you may want to send as a birthday gift to your loved one.

Birthday Gifts Combo – One of the best birthday gifts is the gift combo. This combo will cover all your needs pertaining “Online Birthday Flower in India,” Birthday Cakes to India,” and other birthday gifts to India. You can even send birthday gifts combo to USA. It contains flowers, cake, soft toy, chocolates, sweets, wine hampers and basket hamper.

Birthday Cakes – If you want to send birthday cakes to India then you will get express delivery so that the cake reaches before the celebration time. There are so many types of cakes (like chocolate, butter scotch, etc.) available from which you can choose the one as per the taste of the birthday person adding more excitement.

Gourmet Basket – Another nice gift is gourmet basket that contains different flavours that the birthday person will definitely love.

Serenade – Why not make the whole week special for the birthday person? If the birthday person is very much special to you then order 7 days Serenade to send him or her different birthday gift every day starting from the 7th day to the birthday. This will be a unique way to express your emotions and love for the birthday person. Serenade will have flowers, chocolates, cakes, cookies, soft toys, and balloons. A unique combination will be delivered each day.

So, send birthday Gifts to India, send birthday gifts to USA, send birthday cakes to India, or order online birthday flower in India and make your loved one feel special and not away from you.

For more information about send luxury birthday Gifts to India kindly visit: http://www.festive-xpressions.com/

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Mother’s day gift to India: Make your Mother Feel Special


red50mothers-day-meaning of mother- mothers day in indiavase2images (32)We believe in God and for all our good things, we say thanks to God by visiting temple, church, and other such places and reading a prayer. Though, we have never seen God, we believe God exists and is taking care of us. Mother is an incarnation of God on the earth because she is the only one who has given us this life, she takes care of us, and she does anything possible to give us the best life. So, why not make her feel extra special by saying her thanks along with Mother’s day gift.

The best way to express your love for your mother is giving her a big hug, saying thanks, and giving her a special mother’s day gift. I understand that not all get the chance to hug their mothers because of so many reasons like job, studies, etc. Such people do not need to worry about or feel down just because they cannot personally visit their home to thank their mothers. Such people have a unique way to express their feelings on mother’s day. One can send mother’s day gift to India if he/she is not in India or can send mother’s gifts to USA if she is in USA.

Nowadays, it is much easier to send mother’s gifts to India or send mother’s gifts to India USA. You do not even need to visit a shop to buy a gift and then ask a courier company to deliver the parcel to your mother ensuring that it is delivered on or before mother’s day. Technology has made things simpler and approachable. What all you need to do is logon to your PC, connect with the Internet, open a website, which provides facility to send mother’s day gift to India or USA, select the gift, specify address, make payment, and you are done. Within a few days (before mother’s day), your gift will be delivered to your mother. One such site is www.festive-xpressions.com; the site has so many options making is easier for you to choose a special gift for your mother.

When you place an order online then keep it secret until the packet is delivered. When she will open the packet and find the gift you have sent, she will feel extra special. And, if you want to add a special note with that gift then you do that as well. That note will express your feelings in words creating emotional environment for a stronger relation. Some of the nice gifts for mother’s day gift to India can be flower bunches, cake hamper, chocolate hamper with flowers, etc.


For more information about Send exclusive Mother’s day gift to India kindly visit: –http://www.festive-xpressions.com/


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Send Rakhi Gift to India to show your Care and love

Birthday2  images (30)

Raksha Bandhan – called Rakhi, is an Indian festival on which sisters tie a knot of love on their brother’s forearm and in return, they get gifts with lots of love and a commitment of(for) care. The relation of brothers and sisters is the purest relation to which Rakhsha Bandhan adds extra sweetness. Nowadays, we see that due to several reasons many sisters and brothers could not be togetheron this auspicious day even if they are not yet married. But, the sweetest thing is even after being apart on this beautiful day they never forget to send their love and care in form of Rakhi Gift, that can be sent from one place to another without any boundary limitation. For example, one can send Rakhi Gift to India from anywhere, send Rakhi Gift to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and so on.

Some of the reasons due to which brothers and sisters cannot be available to celebrate this beautiful together:

  • Job – one of the main reasons is job because employees often need to move from one country to another for representing their companies and due to several reasons.
  • Study – study has always been important for everyone. nowadays, when competition is at peak, everyone is trying their best to get admission in the best universities all over the world.
  • Marriage – another big reason of separation is marriage and the most important – the conditions that often occur after marriage due to which a sister cannot visit brother’s place (or) vice versa. For example, residing indifferent countries is one of the reason for separating brothers and sisters on Rakhi.

These are just three reasons to mention while there can be severalothers too. Let us just forget the reasons and say thanks to companies that send online Rakhi gift to India or send Rakhi gift to USA. And, we should also say thanks to courier companies that help gift companies to send Rakhi gift to India or send Rakhi gift to USA. Without services of courier companies that have a big chain of networks all over the world, we cannot just imagine to send Rakhi gifts to India or anywhere else in this world.

Where as a gift can be anything sent with love, but because it is Rakhi – the gift pack must have a Rakhi and sweets. For example, traditional Rakhi, Children Rakhi if brother is a child, Rakhi thali, Rakhi with sweets, and so on.


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