Karwa Chauth – An important festival for Indian women

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India is a land of festivals. There are numerous festivals, which are celebrated by the Indians in India and also by the Indians who live across the world. All the festivals are celebrated in the grandest way possible. Each festival has a different meaning and reason attached to it. The Karwa Chauth is celebrated where the Indian Women fast for their husband’s long life and safety. They do not eat or drink anything from sun rise till the moon rise. Post this, they do some offerings to the moon and then end their fast.

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This festival has certain things, which are sent by the family to her daughter in law. This festival is celebrated mostly by the North Indians who also reside in a large scale in UK and Canada.They send Karwa Chauth Thalis to India or to Canada. Apart from the Thalis, many send Karwa Chauth gifts to India or UK or Canada.

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Gifts are the sign of love, which is sent to show the affection in relationship.There, are many websites that are really great in sending these gifts and thalis to the respective addresses. One can send the Karwa Chauth gifts to Canada, send Karwa Chauth Puja Thalis to Canada, or KarwaChauth gifts to UK. In case, if the family has shifted to some other part of the world apart from India, then they could send Karwa Chauth Thalis to Indiato help you celebrate this holy festival even after being at different destinations. Everyone celebrates this festival but let us know why this festival is celebrated for husbands and wives.

Reason for this festival

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There was a woman who was named Karwa and she used to deeply devote and worship her husband. Due to this dedication, worship and intense love, she had gained spiritual powers. Once while bathing at a river, a crocodile caught her husband. The lady Karwa then bound the crocodile with a yarn of cotton and asked the God of death – Yama, to send the crocodile to hell. To which Yama refused her. But Karwa then threatened to curse and destroy Yama. He then got frightened as he would be cursed by the Pati Vrat means the devoted wife and sent the crocodile to hell. He also blessed her husband with a long and happy life. They both lived a good and long wedded life. This is the belief and faith behind celebrating Karwa Chauth as a festival of husbands and wives.

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This KarwaChauth send Karwa Chauth Thalis to India or send Karwa Chauth Puja Thalis to Canadaand celebrate this festival with utmost love. Please visit: – http://www.festive-xpressions.com/

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