Raksha-Bandhan: The Festival of Love

The festival of “Raksha-Bandhan” or “Rakhi” is just round the corner. It is such a special occasion where brothers-sisters celebrate the emotional bonding of their relationship. As the name suggests, on Raksha-Bandhan, sisters tie the rakhis made of silk threads on the wrist of their brothers and treat them with sweets. In return, brothers take pledge of protecting their sisters always from any trouble. This ritual strengthens the bond of love or you can say a bond of protection, between sister and brother. However, nowadays, due to increased distances, it is difficult for brothers and sisters to be together on the festival and therefore, they  send rakhi gifts to USA, send rakhi gifts to UK, send rakhi gifts to Canada, or send rakhi sweets to India depending upon who is where  at the time of this occasion.


Like any other Indian festivals, Rakhi is also grand in celebration and incomplete without sweets and gifts. It is the festival of exchanging gifts and sweets between siblings. Traditionally, when a married sister comes to their parents place on this festival, the tradition is to bestow her with gifts when she is returning back. Sometimes, sisters too present gift to their brothers, generally, to the younger brothers. Exchanging gifts have become a trend of this festival in the modern era.

With the ever increasing distances, gifts have become a means of expression towards our beloved brothers and sisters. In today’s hectic working life, it has become quite difficult to travel to your siblings place to celebrate Rakhi. As they say “If there is a will, there is a way.” Distance doesn’t matter when the world is running online. Anyone can send or receive anything on-line. If your brother or sister lives in a far off country, such as USA, UK, Canada or anywhere else, do not worry!!! You can still send Rakhi gifts to USA, send rakhi gifts to Canada, and Send Rakhi Gifts to UK to your beloved sister or brother.

If you have siblings in other countries like UK or Canada, here you can easily send Rakhi gifts to UK or send rakhi gifts to Canada as token of your love. You can send Rakhi gifts to India, in case you are staying in a far off country. Our priority is to deliver your love and concern for the relation, which should not be halted due to distance. We ensure delivery-on-time wrapped in your love and care. Although, no festival is complete without sweets,Forand Rakhi is no exception. So if you wish to deliver your brothers or sisters’ favorite sweets, you can easily send Rakhi sweets to India and Rakhi sweets to USA also. You just need to click on the required links and follow the steps for selecting gifts and sweets and the payment procedure. Your token of love will be at the entrance of your loves ones.

For more information about Rakhi gifts to UK kindly visit: – http://www.festive-xpressions.com/

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