Unique ideas for Sending Birthday Gifts to USA or India

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No matter you want to send birthday gifts to India while residing in USA or you wish to send birthday gifts to USA while residing in India, everything is so easy and convenient now that you will love it.

Here are few unique ideas for sending amazing birthday gifts to USA


Without a doubt, flowers could be the most ideal gift for any one you love from the bottom of your heart. You can even add a personal message on a greeting card and send it along with the flowers. This is also one of the best ways to make him or her feel like you are really close to him/her.

Indian Sweets

If your loved one isn’t getting home cooked food to eat in US or India, then the idea of sending Indian Sweets, also called Mithai will be the best. It will make him/her remember those days when he/she used to have mithai at different occasions with you and other beloved members.


One of the most favorite gift items that can be sent to anyone regardless of age is Chocolates. From Children to mature persons, all love chocolates. So why not gift him/her some chocolates wrapped in a beautiful gift pack. And, to make this gift extra special, but a beautiful greeting card and attach with the chocolate wrap.


Though, cakes are available everywhere but when someone gets it as a gift then its taste gets better and sweeter. So, if you want to make someone remember you send him/her cake with a personal message written on it.

Wine Hampers

Do you want to make the days more memorable? Or, if you are missing a college friend and college days when you used to have wine together, get a Wine Hamper dispatched to your friend far in the USA. Visit the website, select the gift hamper, add the address, pay the amount, and you are done.

Birthday Cards

A birthday gift cannot be completed without birthday cards so, when you are dispatching other items to your loved one, do not forget to add a birthday card. Select a birthday card of your choice and send it.

These are a few ideas to send birthday gifts to USA. While these are the ideas, you must ensure that you always hire reliable and affordable services to send exclusive birthday gifts to USA from India or send birthday gifts to India from USA.

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